StaFi Protocol Monthly Updates — March 2021

The month of March has being a busy one for the team at StaFi Protocol, the team focused solely on developing the basic rTokens namely rDOT (Polkadot), rKSM (Kusama), rATOM. The testing and audit process is in progress.

The team at StaFi has…

Hello and welcome to my weekly defi talks on big projects. @StaFi_Protocol has been making its way to the big defi space within a short time, while making big waves amongst others. It introduced its native coin $FIS to the community, the growth since then has been immense.

StaFi introduced…

StaFi has of late being making steady progress collaborating with DeFi protocols to unlock staked assets and provide rewards token of staked assests. Among the “rTokens” are rDOT, rETH, rATOM, rKSM, rFIS among others. These are reward tokens that brings value to staked assests thereby bring value to unlock them.


The Ethereum blockchain is a distributed blockchain that runs on the programming code of numerous decentralized applications that shares information across the globe and such information that cannot be tampered, manipulated or changed once its processed.

Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the ethereum platform, the…


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